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Sealed Concrete WPB-Palm Beach Custom Concrete Contractors

Concrete is highly utilized in construction because it is both durable and strong. However, it possesses drawbacks too. Porosity is its major drawback, and it facilitates the absorption of all types of materials and makes its surface look unclean and shabby.

An effective way of simplifying concrete cleaning is by sealing it. The sealed concrete process involves coating it with waterproof material which removes the concrete’s porosity. The addition of color pigments to the layer of sealing will enhance its visual appeal on the surface. However, it is crucial to clean the surface by use of pressure cleaning prior to sealing it.

Sealed concrete is crucial for a lot of reasons. It provides more than a visual appeal that is good. Concrete sealing, mainly, prevents corrosion as a result of external factors. Sealing, as a result, lends strength and life to the surface. It protects it from looking old and weather-beaten. Sealing helps protect its surface from stains from oils, fuel, grease, and effervescence. Mildew and fungal growth can be prevented via sealing. The effort and time involved in cleaning make them come down very fast due to sealing.

Sealing concrete works in two methods. It prevents substances from escaping into the concrete and stops substances from getting into the concrete. It is as a result of the first reason that it becomes crucial to thoroughly clean concrete before sealing. The process of acquiring sealed concrete is lengthy and expensive. It needs so much effort. Floors that are dirty will damage the seal and cause losses of the money spent on the seal.

Dirty floors will damage both the sealed layer and the floor surface

The first stage of achieving sealed concrete is surface preparation, which involves the debris’s clearance, trapped matter in cracks and gaps, and elimination of stains. After cleaning the whole area, the impurities which get trapped cannot escape and tend to aggravate the surface, therefore, damaging concrete. Pressure cleaning is, therefore, essential prior to cleaning.

Dirty concrete areas will cause sealed areas to get out in flakes. The oil and water trapped on the surface of the concrete will ooze out gradually. The process is natural and takes place the concrete gets hot due to the sun. If you seal concrete prior to cleaning matter trapped in it, they will try forcing themselves out, ending up damaging the sealed surface in the process. Unclean substrates will be seen through sealed concrete.

Dirty concrete surfaces will cause uneven sealing

The seal coat gets applied uniformly on the whole surface. The seal serves the purpose of filling gaps in concrete and providing smooth finishes. If impurities are trapped in the concrete surface, the coat will not penetrate the gaps. The seal will become uneven as the trapped matter gets dislodged and disintegrated. When you want to prevent this, eliminate dirt and other things on the surface.

How do you seal your concrete pavers?

Start by reviewing the instructions of the sealer with care, the technical bulletin, and the material safety data sheet. You need to keep the instructions near for reference throughout the whole project. Gather the necessary supplies that are including of tools, sealer, and other safety equipment like safety gloves, respirators, and glasses.

Utilize the industrial hot-water washer for the power wash and steam clean your Sealed Concrete surface to eliminate any grime, grease, debris, dirt, and stains. The steam will also assist in opening pores of the surface while ensuring a bond between the sealer and the surface. Use biodegradable detergents and degreasers where necessary to assist in eliminating oil, heavy stains, or present efflorescence. If you do not have access to the pressure washer, consider employing a washing service that will ensure a clean surface.

For a sealer that is solvent-based, wait for the paper to dry before applying the sealer. Make sure that you shut off all flame sources near your sealed concrete. There are, however, some sealers that can be applied to damp surfaces.

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