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Affordable Acid Stained Concrete

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Affordable Acid Stained Concrete-Palm Beach Custom Concrete Contractors

You can apply acid-stained concrete on colored or stained, and old or new concrete surfaces. These designs come in ten basic colors. Even though they are referred to as acid stains, acid isn’t an ingredient that gives color to the concrete surface. Metallic salts that are in a water-based and acidic solution react with the concrete to give your surface permanent coloring. Siliceous aggregates like sand and gravel don’t react with the stain. Surfaces that contain a high cement content react more than the ones that have less cement resulting in more intense colors.

Because every surface is different, the results tend to vary from one surface to another. It is good to test a small area to determine the appearance of the final result. Reputable professionals like Palm Beach County Concrete Contractors use this approach. You will not affect the final color until you apply the sealer. When dealing with wood stains, you can still see the wood grains through the stain. Wood stain closely resembles acid stain because you can see all finishing marks and defects through it. The factors that affect the final product include;

  • The properties and amount of cement that you use. It also depends on the type of aggregate and admixtures that you use to apply the acid-stained concrete.
  • Age of the concrete, amount of moisture present, and the concrete finishing methods.
  • Texture and porosity of the surface.
  • The prevailing weather conditions after you apply the stain.
  • Efflorescence

The application of acid-stained concrete does not require much equipment. In most cases, the applicator uses a garden sprayer that is 100% plastic. Other people prefer to use a bristle fine brush or combine both of them. All the equipment that gets into contact with the acid stain like sprayers has to be acid-resistant. The brushes that you use to spread and apply the stain should also be acid-resistant and also colorless bristles.

The contractor should have appropriate safety equipment including acid-resistant masks, boots, goggles, and gloves for filtering the acid fumes. Therefore, acid-stained concrete is a delicate exercise that you need to leave in the hands of professionals. You need to use a high-quality vacuum for cleaning purposes. Golf spikes are the best option because they will show footprints and this may create undesirable marks in the final look.

Preparing the surface is one of the most important steps when installing acid-stained concrete. It will help you in the long-term and immediate performance of the acid-stained concrete. Poorly preparing the surface may turn a simple process into lengthy and difficult repair work.

First, pour water in different places on the surface to check whether the concrete is accepting water. If the surface doesn’t absorb the water, you could be having a sealer on the surface. If this is the case, you will be required to use the EnduraPrep Coatings Stripper to strip off the surface. The stripper is appropriate for removing coatings like colorants, acrylic stains, or paint.

If your surface does not have a sealant yet doesn’t absorb water, it means that it is too dense. It normally comes as a result of over-trowelling while pouring the concrete. Therefore, you need to condition such a surface to accept the acid stain. The key to success is surface conditioning and there are no two ways about that. You can also condition your concrete surface using EnduraPrep which is a safe and perfect alternative to typical acid etching.

The last preparation step is to wash the surface using an appropriate Degreaser and Cleaner. The surface should be free of oil and greases, cement, caulk, taping adhesive residues, paint drops, and clean. If you need to do some patching, use a low-shrinkage material that accepts the stain. Note that the final appearance will show the patches.

After preparations, you can go ahead and apply the acid stain using the recommended procedures. The last steps and cleaning and neutralization, sealer application, and then approval by the owner. Palm Beach County Concrete Contractors have the best contractors for the application of acid-stained concrete. The company offers high-quality services at competitive rates in the market.

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