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Concrete Countertops WPB-Palm Beach Custom Concrete Contractors

The popularity of concrete countertops is on the increase. It is quite easy to see it because they are looking great, are solid, and add a natural, earthy tone to your bathroom. Additionally, they are one hundred percent customizable. Countertops are often because the available options are simple, flat, and boring. However, professionals that deal with the creation of countertops will tell you that the reason for going with concrete is that you can give them any style, color, and shape you desire. Just like any other materials of countertops like granite, concrete has different options for the edge as you will not stick to the flat, straight edge. A lot of styles are rounded, carved, and even fancy styles that add an extra flair to the project.

However, the edge is just the beginning of the things you need to do with the concrete countertops. Concrete begs to be formed and manipulated in ways that other materials cannot be. To get an understanding of the meaning of this, you need to start from the beginning of the life of the countertop. Artisans of concrete start by creating a form for pouring concrete and what you may consider the negative of what they may end up into. They then pour the concrete in, allow it to cure, and after curing is done, the concrete will undergo polishing and then installation. The fact that the countertop gets formed for that task specifically, the forms can be very intricate and detailed the way the artisan wants, you will start looking at the countertop as just the flat countertop material, but a three-dimensional sculpture.

Concrete countertops can start speaking about your personality when utilizing the potential of the sculpture. From elegant and simple countertops to those which include water features like streams running in the kitchen to huge monolithic islands, exploring more than you can do with concrete means that you are realizing endless possibilities for your countertops. Stunning kitchens take the breath away due to their functional and artistic elements which are present and the way they are working together, concrete is just what you want.   Taking care of your concrete countertops If you possess concrete countertops in the bathroom or kitchen, you have to take good care of them to ensure that you are not ruining the surface. These countertops are quite new and there is little info on the info in the market to take good care and clean them.

Below are some suggestions you may use to keep the countertops staying durable and looking great. The most crucial part of the countertop is that it is well-sealed from the start. This is crucial for preventing unwanted leaks on the countertop and gives a barrier between the surface of the countertop and the things you spill. In case the countertop has a seal, it will be easy to clean it just like any other surface of the countertop. The overall basic is avoiding scrubbing pads and using a PH-neutral cleaner for strong cleaners that may eat the sealer away.

Below are several ideas for cleaning the countertop;   Good old-fashioned water and soap water, soap, and the little dish soap will go a long way on concrete countertops. Water and soap are safe to use on nonporous and porous concrete. If you want to eliminate stains from the countertop, you may add two tablespoons of soap to the medium-sized bucket. All you need to do is to dip the rag and use it to clean the countertops. It will help in cleaning spills up and daily clutters. Stain Removers You can use stain removers on your concrete countertops because the detergent is mild. Also, it is safe for nonporous and porous concrete. All you need to do is spray stain removers on the stain on the countertop, allow it to sit for some time, sprinkle some laundry detergent, and use a wet towel to clean it when scrubbing the stain.

Waxing: After waxing your concrete countertops, assist to avoid stains and keep them from looking new and fresh. The wax acts as a sealer and prevents the stains from soaking. This will protect your investment and keep the countertop looking good. Concrete countertops can last for decades because they are durable. There is no need of replacing them when you take good care of them. Visit to learn how to take good care of your countertops. Follow simple rules so that you have countertops that are looking fresh, clean, and durable.

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