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Concrete Summer Kitchens WPB-Palm Beach Custom Concrete Contractors

Concrete Summer Kitchens has become an essential component of outdoor gatherings by offering increased practicality and tremendous style. Below are some tips while constructing a summer kitchen with style, durability, and value.

Pick a Countertop

While choosing the stone type that you want to utilize for the summer kitchen, a lot of individuals go for granite due to durability and appearance but fail to realize that stone can have similar durability and save a lot of money in terms of cost. Bluestone kitchens are also quite durable for handling outdoors, especially considering a countertop that will match the dining patio. These countertops bring formality to the looks of the kitchen.

Light the kitchen with low volt lighting

Utilize low-voltage lighting in your concrete summer kitchen. Do not make the assumption that you will be using your summer kitchen during the day only. Put low voltage lighting to ensure that you create usable cooking spaces after dusk.

It will also highlight bold structure features and increase the value of the kitchen. The fact remains that not even great chefs can cook in darkness. You can use glass tile for design and color for the additional style. Glass tile meets the criteria of being both heat resistant and non-porous; making it have the ability to withstand splashing in the kitchen and extreme heat.

Put a vent in the structure

For purposes of safety, put vents at the back of the BBQ structure in your concrete summer kitchens. The inclusion of vents will let the gas escape. If not, the kitchen will harbor gases until when someone turns it on, and everybody knows what will happen when fire meets with uncontrolled gas. Vents at the back of the grill allow for excess air to escape into the yard and not sit in the kitchen waiting to blow or light up the grill.  You need to be safe by making sure that you have vents in the structure.

At times you may fall into the traps of fake concrete contractors who happen to be just after making money by tricking unsuspecting clients. For this reason, you need to be informed on what to look for in a concrete contractor in order to know whether the contractor is qualified enough to handle your project. Below is an outline of the key indicators of professional concrete contractors:

Contract and Warrant

Professional Concrete Contractors like Palm Beach County Concrete Contractors should be in a position to sign a formal contract. They should also provide a formal warrant this ensures that you are protected against incurring a loss due to substandard work by the contractors on your project. With these in place, you are sure that you have followed the right legal procedure hence nothing to fear as you transact with the concrete contractors.

Detailed Estimates

We are able to provide a detailed estimate of the total requirements for the project to be completed. Such estimates would ensure that you do not realize later that some requirements have not been met fully. To avoid being inconvenienced while the project is going on, you need to prepare beforehand and have all the requirements of the project catered for. Otherwise, it would be difficult to continue with the project.

Use slab-grade foundations for your concrete summer kitchens

This technique is not familiar to average homeowners. It has the right foundation for cutting down the structural costs of constructing your concrete summer kitchens. You may set the kitchen on a slab-grade foundation that has steel reinforcement. This technique works well with metal framed structures because they weigh less than other masonry structures and have the design of handling the kitchen. This system will cut your costs by fifty percent.

Use natural stone veneer for the kitchen

The other cost saver for your concrete summer kitchen is the use of veneer stone. This stone will cover the outer perimeters of the structure with a small layer of the stone, giving the kitchen an appearance of natural concrete. Your family and friends will not realize the difference between your concrete kitchen and natural stone veneer. You need to use this material for saving money on the costs of your kitchen. It will give the kitchen a uniform style.

Include electrical outlets in the kitchen

You cannot include everything in the Concrete Summer Kitchens. Just like other kitchens, you will require the typical appliances of the house. You need to locate electrical outlets conveniently to allow for blenders, hotplates, and rotisserie cookers to get plugged at the cooking station. You may also choose to place the outlets inside for structures like low-voltage transformers, refrigerators, and warming draws. You will set up a dream summer kitchen when electrical outlets are placed in their perfect places. You may choose to bring the TV to the kitchen to watch a game while cooking.

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