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Concrete Foundations, Palm Beach County Concrete Contractors

Concrete is an excellent construction material because it is easy to mold while wet, relatively resilient, strong, and cost-effective. To make concrete foundations, you will have to make a wooden frame whose shape is similar to what you expect in the slab. Excavate a hole for your concrete foundation and put the frame inside the hole. Pour the concrete into the frame when it is still wet. You will end up with a strong concrete slab. You can use steel to reinforce the foundation to ensure that it is robust and can withstand greater weight and force.

Even though concrete foundations are strong, they also have their weak points. Water can penetrate the concrete foundations in damp conditions like prolonged wet weather and lead to cracks. Therefore, you should regularly check for any signs of damage in your concrete foundations and arrest any cracks before they pose a threat to the stability of your building. There are different types of concrete foundations, and you need to understand them to get the best results.

The T-Shaped concrete foundation is the first one. It is the widely used type of foundation and is the most appropriate when your primary goal is supporting structures in regions that have freezing grounds. Under normal circumstances, freezing bases will exert pressure on your foundation. The T-shape foundation has a unique design that helps it to resist all potential damages.  

You usually put a section of flat footing under the expected frost line and build your walls on top. The walls aren’t as broad as the footing thus giving extra support to the base of your building. The inverted T shape of the final building when you view it in cross-section is highly resistant to freezing ground effects and boots the overall stability of the structure.

The slab-on-grade foundation is the second type of concrete foundation. The design is also popular but is common in areas where the ground doesn’t freeze, and hence it does not make sense to use the T-shape design. These slabs are made like a single concrete layer several inches thick. 

You have to pour the slab thicker on the edges to deliver a firm foundation. The use of reinforcing rods provides additional support to the thick edges. To improve your drainage, rest this slab on a crushed gravel bed. Also, embed wire mesh in the concrete because it minimizes the possibility of cracking. It is good to reinforce the slab-on-grade with insulation so that it is not affected by frost even though it is meant for areas where the ground doesn’t freeze.

The Frost-protected Shallow Foundation comes number three on our list of concrete foundations. The primary role of these foundations is to counter any effect that may result from frost. The contractors place insulation on the outer section of the foundation and used heat loss from the building together with the natural healing energy from the earth. The foundation can range from twelve to sixteen inches below grade. Therefore, it can significantly reduce excavation costs hence becoming an excellent economic and preventive alternative for freezing and against damage. These foundations are widely used in Scandinavian countries, but most people in the United States also use them. Palm Beach County Concrete Contractors can help you to determine the best foundation for your building. These experts can also install for your stable foundations that will give your building a strong base.

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