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Polished Concrete WPB-Palm Beach Custom Concrete Contractors

Polished concrete, long consigned to commercial spaces, and finished basements are making good inroads into residential homes. Latest advancements in the capability to stain and seal concrete have ended up raising its aesthetic appeal, giving it the allowance to compete with other flooring from stone like slate, marble, and granite, at a part of its cost’. Floors from concrete that are polished provide a slew of benefits to home renovators and builders. Below are some advantages to constructing the new home with the flooring concrete or exposing these floors to the current home.

These floors are sustainable

Individuals that are most interested in constructing environmentally sustainable homes are among the first ones to embrace concrete floors with polish, and with good reasoning. Sealed concrete has a low environmental impact. In case the home, just like many others, is built on an existent concrete slab, just sealing and sanding concrete eliminates the requirement of environmentally expensive flooring material.

Additionally, the compounds utilized to finish and sand your concrete floors are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which reduce the quality of indoor air and pollute your environment, which may have adverse effects on health. Compounds utilized in sealing concrete floors do not have a lasting odor.

Polished concrete offers prodigious value

Added to making these polished concrete floors very sustainable, it has been less expensive as a flooring option. The fact remains that concrete comes preinstalled in the majority of homes as many homes are built on slabs of concrete. The other additions of timber, tile, carpeting, or vinyl are just laid on top of it. And for this reason, concrete is second after bare earth when it comes to the initial outlay. Additionally, the reflective surface of the concrete that is polished may help reduce interior lighting costs. During summer, it remains cool, reducing the cost of cooling the household as well.

It is easy to maintain

A lot of traditional flooring has rigorous requirements for cleaning. The carpeting needs vacuuming. Wax has to be applied to the floorboards. Marble floors may need special cleaners and are always prone to scuffs that require special attention. By contrast, polished concrete floors, which are resistant to stains and scuffs, can be mopped when need be. This will save you a lot of cleaning and labor hours.

Concrete floors are durable

Concrete floors that are treated are the most durable in the world. A concrete floor is treated as the expectation of lasting for at least one hundred years. Many commercial interests have known this for a long, which uses this option of flooring in retail locations, showrooms, and other areas of high traffic. Concrete will allow the floor to breathe because it is not subject to rot and moisture issues in the manner of vinyl or tile floors, which traps moisture in them and the slab, resulting in a very expensive replacement.

Concrete is versatile

Homeowners have a lot of options where stains and treatments are concerned. For individuals that wish to avoid the wet looks common in polished concrete, they have the option of using penetrating sealers of silicon. For homeowners that are considering wooden planks that are salvaged, concrete will be stamped to imitate them. It can be formulated to resemble slate tiles.

You can stain concrete to attain the marble-like effect or any imaginable color. You may grind it before treating it to desired levels of aggregate exposure. Aggregates are materials that are mixed with cement to form concrete, and when they get exposed, they form textured looks. Polished concrete floors will be made to be very unique.

At times you may fall into the traps of fake concrete contractors who happen to be just after making money by tricking unsuspecting clients. For this reason, you need to be informed on what to look for in a concrete contractor in order to know whether the contractor is qualified enough to handle your project. Below is an outline of the key indicators of professional concrete contractors:

Contract and Warrant

Professional Concrete Contractors like Palm Beach County Concrete Contractors should be in a position to sign a formal contract. They should also provide a formal warrant this ensures that you are protected against incurring a loss due to substandard work by the contractors on your project. With these in place, you are sure that you have followed the right legal procedure hence nothing to fear as you transact with the concrete contractors.

Detailed Estimates

We are able to provide a detailed estimate of the total requirements for the project to be completed. Such estimates would ensure that you do not realize later that some requirements have not been met fully. To avoid being inconvenienced while the project is going on, you need to prepare beforehand and have all the requirements of the project catered for. Otherwise, it would be difficult to continue with the project.

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